The Royal Players Basketball Academy is a Christian organization that is committed to helping youths not only develop as basketball players, but also spiritually, academically, and socially. We recognize and celebrate athletic success, but we want to make sure our athletes are well rounded human beings that have the necessary tools to succeed in life beyond the basketball court.

In addition to year around basketball training and competition opportunities, we hold our players accountable to their spiritual development, community involvement, and academic achievement. Whether it’s encouraging our kids to read their Bible or to do their homework, we want to be an added support system for our members.

Additionally, our coaches and staff pray with the kids before, after, and/or during gatherings.  we are a family oriented organization; Our goal is to develop lifelong friendships built on trust and respect. We welcome like-minded people to join our family as we seek to make a positive impact for the glory of God.


The mission of Royal Players Basketball Academy is to develop complete basketball players. Our goal is to provide year-round training and competition opportunities to help our players improve in all aspects of the game of basketball.

While our goal is to achieve athletic excellence, we believe that becoming a complete basketball player requires more than skill and athletic ability. Spiritual development, good citizenship expressed through community outreach, and academic excellence are equally important. These critical areas are important components in becoming a complete person.  Our goal is to provide the encouragement, support, opportunities, and accountability needed to ensure our members develop in these key areas, thus producing complete basketball players.


The Royal Players Basketball Academy will help prepare each of its players to attain their highest potential as Christians, citizens, students, and athletes.

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Charity
  • Leadership
  • Hard Work