Player Development

Basketball Development

The Royal Players Basketball Academy is committed to helping our players reach their full potential as basketball players. We will achieve this by focusing on developing strong fundamental offensive and defensive techniques. As our member’s skill level improves, they will be challenged with advanced individual and team concepts and techniques.

We believe that if our players are going to reach their full potential as basketball players they must be healthy, strong, and well-conditioned. Strength training, conditioning, and proper nutrition will be important pillars in our members becoming the best basketball players they can be.

We believe basketball is not just physical game; It is a mental game also. We will challenge our members to improve their basketball IQ (in game decision making), just as much as we challenge them to develop their skills. We will help our players identify their strengths as basketball players, while holding them accountable to improve their weaknesses. We will provide an encouraging, but honest and fair environment.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Royal Players Basketball Academy is a non-profit organization that welcomes all families who want to be part of a Christian organization whose mission is to support the development of youths in the areas of Christ centered spirituality, academics, community involvement, and basketball. As such, we do not want those who would otherwise participate, to be excluded because of financial hardship. Scholarship Opportunities are available for those that qualify. Contact us for more information.

RPBA Ministries

RPBA Ministries purpose is to make available spiritual, natural, and practical outreach programs to its members and communities. Our goal is to provide age appropriate training and support to young men and women as they progress through the various stages of life. Our areas of focus include career development, abstinence programs, personal development, and financial literacy programs.

Additionally, we require that our members participate in outreach programs designed to improve and enrich the communities in which they live. Nursing home visits, food/toy drives, and neighborhood clean-up projects are some of the opportunities for our members to give back.

Educational Development

The Royal Players Basketball Academy values education. We believe that our players are students first and athletes second. Their commitment to academic excellence must be equal to or surpass their commitment to excel at basketball. If given the opportunity to play basketball at the middle school, high school, or college level, we don’t want them to be disallowed to play because they failed to meet their academic requirements (No pass, No play rule).

We understand that God has uniquely gifted each person and that just as each player will have varying levels of athletic ability, there will also be varying levels of academic ability. Our objective is to provide an environment where our players are held accountable to achieve their academic best and to provide a support system to help them be successful. If they have not yet found their passion for academics, or if they have not developed their academic goals yet, we want to partner with our parents to assist in our players’ development.

Additionally, we want to help our players to make the connection with the courses they study in school with possible career opportunities. We want them to understand how having success in a subject in school can lead to career opportunities later. We will provide various opportunities for our players to visit universities and major corporations, as well as provide opportunities to speak to professionals from various industries and trades.

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